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Create a profitable source of sales with Tik-Tok, Instagram and Facebook for your business


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An entrepreneur online or offline entrepreneur
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Maximum efficiency! Do you have your own local outlet and more than one? Launch a targeted campaign with us and get
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We know the tools that give ×5 results!
An agency that helps to promote business on the Internet through more than than 20 services
Among them: Targeted and contextual advertising, website development, design, mass traffic, automation communication and more
To develop an effective strategy, we immerse ourselves in your business, We research target audiences and their needs. We analyze competitors and identify your strengths.
We identify your company's advantages and communicate them to your audience.
Specifically the ability to separate the essence from the mediocre husk in advertising messages that allows us to achieve high website conversion rates.
We create effective advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube; Manage pages in social networks. We take a careful approach to the settings, texts and design. The result of our work - Quality leads at a low price.
Our targeted
advertising clients
Hima UBER and UBER BLACK passenger transportation (taxi services).

The goal is to attract partners with their own cars to work for UBER throughout Ukraine
(in cities with
UBER). All traffic is through the Facebook lead generation form.

There were no KPIs before I started, because Facebook ads were not launched.
I do not know the profit from the attracted client. The client set the following KPI: the cost of a lead should not exceed

Here are the results of my work:
Cost per lead - $1.62
Budget - $400
Number of leads (applications) - 246

Marketing agency
It was necessary to attract leads to sell the service: "turnkey website"
All traffic through Facebook.

KPIs for my work:
Lead price - $5
Budget - $500
Number of leads (applications) - 100

I reviewed the workflow and suggested improving it by immediately closing a potential client for a consultation through the Facebook lead generation form.

After the results, the client
increased the budget by +$2000
Actual KPIs after working with me:
Lead price - $3.12
Budget - $2500
Number of leads (applications) - 718
One of the largest projects
The goal is to drive targeted traffic to a webinar on starting a business on Amazon.

The screenshot shows the period at the end of the month when the ads were still running, so the amount there is $27 000

Actual KPI:
The price of a lead is no more than $2.
Number of conversions per day - 500
(conversion - registration for a webinar)
Spent money - $34 000
Duration - 30 days

West-Profnastil plant
Production and sales:
corrugated board, fencing, roofing, facades
Period of cooperation:
from 06.2015 to the present day.

Figures for the whole of 2017
Google, geo western Ukraine:

Budget - 4 069$
Clicks - 69 528
Cost per click - 0,06$
Requests (applications + calls) - 821
Cost of the application - 4,96$
Net profit per 1 application - 97,5$

"Krauss Dent"
Increased 8 times the number
of requests for expensive services
in dentistry "Krauss Dent"

Advertising budget: 3240$
Number of appeals: 1433
Conversion to recording: 33%
The cost of the application: 2.2$
The cost of one record: 6$

With this tool, you can ~60% of all transactions.
What conclusion can be drawn from our experience?
The right approach to the strategy and regular updating of advertising materials help to maintain interest in the complex for a long period of time.
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