Communication with clients on LinkedIn by criteria and adding to friends lists
Adding to contacts and automating communication
Adding to contacts and sending an offer to your chain
How the service works
Details about all the advantages of using our service
Even without a personal budget, you will be able to get potential customers from your competitors
Everyone who joins competitors' communities, the service will find and send messages with your offer in real time
Thus, the budget for advertising is spent by competitors, and it is you who first write to these potential customers
Algorithm of work
Fill out the application form
Pay for the service package
You get the result
for 30 days
  • Selection of the target audience
  • Sending requests for adding to contacts
  • Sending a welcome message
  • Sending the 2nd message to mutual contacts
Application form
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  • Vitaliy
    Founder & CEO
  • Irina
  • Bogdan
  • Helena
  • Denys
    Chief of the Targeting Advertising Department
  • Anna
    Chief of the SEO Department
  • Artem
    Chief of the CRM Introduction Department
  • Tatiana
    Chief of the Context Advertising Department
  • Dmytro
    Project Manager
  • Anton
    Head of the department
    site development
  • Viktoria
  • Maksim
    Project manager
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