or pay money back!
We will build
international structure for your busi nesstogether,
attract major investors,
The main goal of our cooperation is for the customer to recoup the advertising costs.
We do not focus on the number of clicks, registrations, payments.
At the end of each week, we provide the customer with information about the work done.
What is the point ?
Why can we do things other people never dreamed of ?
  • 15 advertising services
    We can find any target audience in any social network and contact them in the most convenient and efficient way.
  • From 30 minutes to start
    You don't need to wait long for moderation or agree on thousands of points.
  • Direct communication with
    an audience
    To make a deal you need not only reach, views, impressions, traffic, but specifically face-to-face communication.
  • Guarantee of results
    Our guarantees based on giving the full amount of payment back in case we don't reach the result. Either you get prospective clients, or we give money back.
  • Only necessary contacts
    Contact only the right audience by selecting it according to the criteria.
  • Reach the whole market
    Show your offer to the whole CIS market and not only.
Steps of the cooperation
Negotiation of the launch of advertising services
We create texts and an approach to investors, entrepreneurs and MLM Leaders based on specificities of your company or project. We negotiate terms and speed of work.
Payment and refund guarantee
You pay for the selected profitable package, and we start services promptly (from 30 minutes).
You will get potential clients, partners and investors.
Within only a few hours after starting you will get contacts of potential clients, partners and investors for deals.
Why should you choose us?
The best personal result - 120,000 partners for one year and a half.
Can you imagine how your business and a team will grow, if you give all the routine to specialists?

Vitaliy Krivenko
the author of services
How will you get a result?
First contact
We greet an owner of a business or MLM Leader, ask questions to start a communication.
Briefly about the details
We send a short summary of the offer and ask for contact details for personal communication
Explaining the details
Our manager answers FAQ (frequently asked questions) and sends an already knowledgeable potential client to contact you.
Potential clients and partners database
Each contact person with whom you have communicated about the details is added to the table or CRM and passed to you.
You make deals with ready-made potential clients, partners and investors.
Analysis of results
Together with you, we analyze the final indicators at each stage of the transaction, discuss the reasons and new ideas.
Introduction of new tools
Continue to capture new markets with new approaches and our services.
Where we start:
Direct hit
We find leaders with their teams and investors in crypto, MLM, investment communities administrators.
We communicate massively and quickly with everyone. This is possible only through the social network VKontakte (CIS + world).
Speed up of communication
We send the details by autoresponder, connect our manager to continue communication and provide key information.
It is the whole routine that we take on.
Deals and structure growth
You receive all the information about each interested or paid partner in the table in real-time. And you already contact only for personal communication.
Select a package
(paid amount is refunded if there is no result)
Package of services
Quick sales
Explosive sales
Market capture
Coverage (of contacts)
Automation in several social networks
Creating texts
Rent managers for live communication
Development of assistant bots in messengers and social networks
Implementation of CRM solutions (maintaining a customer base)
With prompt communication (answers within a few hours to the client) and ability to close transactions, the usual payback within 3 months is 4 times the package cost (average values on customers during 2020).

We guarantee a refund after 3 months of high-quality study of customers online and offline and maintaining a customer base.

For 2-4 months, customers receive on average
in 3 times more profit than it is spent on automation.
Application form
Excellent! Click submit and your form will be accepted for work. Next pay for the service.
Voicemail service
Manager rental service
Number of messages
Buying an account
Our partners
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Our cases
Turnover: 21.000.000$ - 6 months

21 leader

Сost: 48.860$
Turnover: 1.300.000$ - 4 months

7 leader

Сost: 16.430$
Turnover: 320.000$ - 3 months

3 leader

Сost: 4.680$
Turnover: 2.400.000$ - 6 months

11 leader

Сost: 51.570$
  • Vitaliy
    Founder & CEO SMGroup
  • Irina
    COO SMGroup
  • Bogdan
    CMO SMGroup
  • Denis
    Head of the targeted advertising department
  • Anna
    Head of SEO department
  • Artem
    Head of CRM implementation department
  • Tatiana
    Head of contextual advertising department
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